Monday, February 27, 2012

VHF Packet QSO

Well I have my packet station up and running and even managed two packet keyboard QSO's. I haven't had a k-k packet QSO in about 12 years. The last one I remember was when I lived in Western MA in 2000.

Since I am currently operating in a valley and am talking to people over the hills from me I had to utilize a digipeater to get there from here.

While the text was 100% copy as to be expected from an ARQ mode, it was painfully slow. I was using 1200 baud and there was no other traffic through the node so I can't see that packet collision was a problem. Still by the time the packets went through the node on it's way to the other stations, I was staring at a blank screen for at least a minute between the sequential packets were displayed. I hate to say it, but HF digital has much faster net transfer of text over VHF packet through a single node.

I hope that the problem was just a poor connection between the other stations and the digipeater node I was using it. I saw very few NAK packets between my station and the node. I hope that my experience isn't indicative of the mode in general.

73 Jeremy

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